Sunday, 9 March 2014

Freaks of Fashion: Yolandi Visser

Now when I say freaks, I mean it in the best way possible… Although this lady may not be huge on the mainstream scene, she has inspired many popular artists and even went to war against Gaga herself!
Ever heard of Die Antwoord? If not your taste in music is probably not as mental as mine..

A rap-rave band from Cape Town, South Africa, the duo, Yolandi and Ninja, are responsible for many banging tunes and draw a lot of inspiration from Hip Hop and the South African Zef counterculture movement. Like many musicians I opt to listen to they see their music, video's and style as pure art,  and aren't afraid to look different rather than conforming with trends. 

Yolandi  has to be one of the most unique and interesting looking people in the world. Her edgy haircuts, creepy contacts and baggy clothes make her stand out among the masses, she looks almost.. animated!

You're probably wondering about her feud with Lady GaGa… I'm not one for gossiping but I'll give you a summary… When Lady Gaga asked the duo to support her on tour they declined. It's said that Yolandi wasn't too impressed with lady Gaga, one could say re-inventing, others could say completely copying her freaky look for an album cover. As a response to this insult the duo created the video for their song 'fatty boom boom' (I'll post below) which depicts a drag queen Gaga arriving in South Africa and being torn apart by a Lion. Looks like even Lady G herself has been out-crazied, don't mess with these guys!

I just love this freaky phenomenon! 


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